February 8 /

Arti Gandhi, VP of XBRL Services

Financial executive with broad experience in all aspects of management and financial accounting. Direct experience with publicly held traded companies filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commissions. Ms. Gandhi was previously with Vintage Filings for 8 years.

November 30 /

Matthew Judge, SVP Operations

Matthew is the Senior VP in charge of Operations at S2 filings. He previously spent 10 years with Vintage Filings. From 1999 to 2004, Mr. Judge was part of the initial team that launched EDGAR Operations at Business Wire.

November 30 /

Josh Greenberg, Chief Financial Officer

Josh Greenberg brings over 15 years of financial management expertise to the team. Mr. Greenberg has extensive experience in both private and public accounting. He was previously with Vintage Filings for 6 years.

November 30 /

Eli Solomon, Chief Executive

Mr. Solomon is the Chief Executive Officer of S2 filings, based out of our Los Angeles office. He is also the CEO of Oakwood D&O Insurance.

November 26 /

Shai Stern, Chairman

Mr. Shai Stern is currently the co-chairman and CEO of CheckAlt, the largest independent provider of treasury & lockbox solutions. Mr. Stern previously served as CEO and co-chairman of Vintage Filings, a New York-based EDGAR filing firm, through November 2011. He also previously served as co-chairman of Vcorp Services. Mr. Stern currently serves as Chairman of Vstock Transfer, Vcheck Global and S2 Filings and is on the boards of Zipmark and Bankjoy.

Mr. Stern began his career at American Stock Transfer Company where he initiated business relationships and was responsible for outstanding share balances of over 2,000 publicly held companies. He was instrumental in the growth of the AST Stock Plan, which administered stock options and stock benefit plans to 500 publicly traded companies prior to its purchase by Citibank.

In 2002, Shai Stern and his partners co-founded Vintage Filings, a New York City-based EDGAR filings and financial printing firm, later acquired by PR Newswire in 2007; setting the framework for S2filings. With no time wasted, Mr. Stern and his partners set out to bridge the gap between people and technology in the financial printing and filings industry with the S2filings team.